The Budget

In order to maintain a budget in line with the lifestyle of newly-minted entrepreneurs, we’ve given ourselves approximately $500 per person, per week, for the duration of the trip. When you start thinking about it, this doesn’t provide for a lot of luxuries. So far ways we’ve brainstormed to stay on track are:

  • Cooking out of the van. You’d be surprised to see what Ben can make with a rice cooker!
  • Staying with strangers, via
  • Sleeping in the van. Honestly, we’re not sure how bad this part is going to get.
  • Utilizing public pools and watering holes for hygienic purposes. (Bums do it?)
  • Signing up with to get discounts on RV & camp sites.

And we are always down for suggestions!

If you want to get down to the nitty-gritty, Alexi’s Economics degree managed to produce this chart:

Weekly Per-Person Budget
Income Expense
Gas Card Rebate (6%) $12.38 Gas $206.25
    Lodging $65.00
    Food $85.00
    Mobile Broadband $7.50
    Wireless Phone $12.50
    Oil Changes $18.33
    Attractions & Entertainment $50.00
    Auto Insurance $12.50
    Misc $50.00
Total $12.38 Expense $507.08

The most up-to-date version of our budget can be found on our shared Google Spreadsheet.

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