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We’re Back, Baby

Whew! One more minute with see-sawing Santa and we might have horled our gortz. In case you were wondering, Ben’s web hosting company upgraded from Apache 1.3 to 2.0 over night, which proceeded to break some of our handcrafted bandaids, snares, and hoo-has. Anyway, we moved all the Road Trip files over to my server last night, used our smarts for fixin’, and we should be good to go. Nevertheless, in the odd chance you see anything out of the ordinary please shoot us an email.

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Public WiFi

It’s funny that I worked at a (the?) major distributor of commercial WiFi for just about 3 years and never used the product once. That’s not to say that I never used wireless, I just never had to pay for it before. And I still wouldn’t, if I wasn’t a such a fan of convenience.

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Lifecation Tip: Planning Your Attack

Planning a trip into a new city can get tough. There’s all sorts of questions: What are you going to see? Where are you going to stay? How will you get around? One of the best tried & trusted tools of the traveler has been, no surprise, the map. But paper maps get folded, torn, lost, and above all else, are hard to share with other people. Even more difficult is collaborating on these maps with all your buddies.

Enter the “My Maps” feature on Google Maps. It’s a relatively small feature to the already superbly popular mapping program, but it provides a lot of bang for your buck. Basically you can use it to scribble on maps to mark areas & points of interest. We here at are using it to figure out things like:

  • Where all the Wal-Marts are
  • Where the coffee & free WiFi is
  • What sites we want to hit up
  • Where the bars & restaurants are
  • And when we park, where the hell we left the van!

Toronto is the first city we’ve really put it to use, but it’s already proving very helpful. I could have prevented myself from stealing WiFi in a urine-infested park if I used this in Montreal. Anyway, enough rambling. Check out our map if you’re interested!

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It’s all fun & games

Lets face it, this thing is going to be a lot more fun for both of us if we have some games to keep us busy. What kind of games do roadtrip bloggers play with their readers? Hell, I dunno.. But I’m thinking something along the lines of a “Reader Challenge,” wherein you people suggest & then vote on actions that we then have to perform. We’re still trying to decide if that’s a good idea.

So, what other sorts of things can we do to keep entertained? :-)


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Pimp my Blog

At some point amid a code-a-thon for MunchEasy, I decided it would be good to take some cough medicine, then learn & integrate the Google Maps API. So, uhh.. here it is. I had originally done it with some weird recursive list traversals, but then noticed that I could do it all with one command.  It’s a pretty good approximation of the route we’ll be taking, but as the itinerary isn’t 100% finalized yet there may be changes. Of course, it’s never going to be 100% finalized until we’re back to Go! Note that Google doesn’t let you put more than ~25 points on a map, so I had to cut it into two. The good news is that this API is so easy to use it should be a relative snap to get a “We are here” pin with our exact GPS coordinates. I should go to sleep now. :-)


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