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Back in Ship Shape

The van is fully functional! The guys at Frank’s did a great job, and cost significantly less than Ben’s dad’s estimate. If they weren’t busy helping other customers out when I left I was gonna snag an honorary H.t.b.o.t.I. photo.  Oh well.

Penguins  Orchids

While I waited I checked out the Lincoln Park Zoo (left) & Conservatory (right). They’re both surprisingly big, and pleasantly free. I got the broken-spirit vibe from a lot of the animals at the zoo, but the plants seemed to be decently happy. Surprisingly the Conservatory was the more interesting of the two. After feeling pumped up about my superior intelligence and opposable thumb, I proceeded to place my $18/5-day transit pass into the dollar bill scanner. The words “don’t act like a monkey” were all too audible despite Ben not being there.

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City Recap: Ann Arbor

We drove through Detroit yesterday due to a bit of a time constraint.  It was cool to at least drive through the city and see the GM building from afar.

Last night, we hung out with a good friend of mine, Kelley.  Apparently, Ann Arbor is a bit of a college town, therefore it is possible to find great drink specials on a Wednesday such as: $2 pitchers of Miller High Life.

By the end of the night:

  • Alexi realized he had used the women’s bathroom at some point.
  • We had played a few rounds of quarters.
  • We apparently recruited a couple of college girls to play beer pong with us.
  • We ordered “chips and cheese.”
  • Our bill was less than $12.

Alexi is finishing up some work, then we’re headed to Chicago to get the van checked out.  Apparently, about 20 miles outside of town, the speedometer decided to stop working and the engine started sounding a bit…different.  We filled up with premium gas, which helped as it did with a knocking that was happening before.

This morning, we realized that the odometer is also not working, assumedly related to the speedometer.  So, hopefully we can find someone in Chicago to take a look at the van without screwing us over ;)

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Van Cooking 101

To stick with the food theme, we decided to show you guys what it’s like to cook in the van kitchen. I’m no Julia Childs but you should get the idea. Notice that we’re not only being constrained by space, but also our $100/wk. (umm.. attempted) budget.

Note: The content of this video may cause more sensitive viewers to lose their appetite.

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Day 1: Glad we got AAA

My first impression of the van was great: it drives like a hovercraft, and has (with a stretch of the imagination) something of a space capsule feel to the interior. It ran like a champ back from the airport, but when we tried to start it back up to make some errands yesterday it just made some clicking noises. We’ve been told that it’s likely an alternator / starter issue, so I had AAA come pick it up and take it to a local shop. We’re not off to a great start but I’m hoping once we clear this up we’ll have cleared out all bad luck for a while.

Van being towed


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Video 02, Let’s Play a Game.

It’s called “This vs. That.”  It’s a doozy.



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Video 01: Introducing the Van

At the very least, we’ll be doing weekly videos from here on out. Today, I took some video of the van and put it together so you could see our glorious abode.



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The Best Idea EVER.

“Give me a call again if you get bored driving in your PIMP’N VAN! I’m telling you’s gonna be a CHICK MAGNET! All women ever want is a MAN with a VAN….that has APPLIANCES…UTILITIES….and a SHAG SHACK’N BED!!! If you can wire the bed to rotate or vibrate….YOU’RE GOLDEN! Hey…you could even put in a quarter machine to charge girls for a vibrating ride…it will help pay for gas!! =)” - Andrea

1, See, it IS a chick magnet. This corroborates the claim because Andrea is very highly attractive.

2, Andrea, you are BRILLIANT. BEST IDEA EVER. A bit of poking around, and look at what you can get for under $50!


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How to Travel 1,400 Miles in 16 Hours

I left Raleigh today at 7:15am and got into Tampa to pick up the van at 9am. At 11:30, there I was, beginning my 12 hour drive back to Raleigh on two hours of sleep.

Minimal complications, 4 coffee drinks and a Red Bull later, I made it back like a champ.

I just realized that I only got 3 hours of sleep the day before yesterday, making a total of 5 hours of sleep in the past 48+ hours.  Sometimes, this is what happens when you’re selling your house, planning a huge trip, and starting and maintaining businesses all at the same time.

Expect pics and video in the next few days.

I’m gonna crash out. Hard.


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I hereby christen thee…

As I’m sure you know, any vessel carrying explorers around strange lands needs a name. Our van is no different. After a little pondering and research, we agreed on Hermes, the Greek god of travel and commerce. I seriously doubt if he’s ever had a more worthy namesake! A few cents of stick-on lettering should seal the deal.

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Picking Up the Van this Tuesday!

Bright and early on Tuesday morning, I’ll be rolling out of bed and flying down to Tampa to pick up the van, returning the same day in an epic 18 hours of straight travel.  If I can find my crack pipe, I’ll definitely make it back alright.

I’ll be video taping parts of the journey and will hopefully have that produced and published by the end of the week.  You’ll all get wonderful and amazing van footage detailing the pinkish/reddish/purplish interior and how we’ll be arranging the abode.

If you’re lucky, you’ll also get a good story about the local DMV.  Last time I was there, it was quite awkwardly humorous.

Hope that I don’t die.

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