The Story

Alexi nailed it. “I can’t think of a more idyllic place than this,” he said.

Texas generally doesn’t get a lot of rain in its summers. This year, they had more rain than they’ve had in decades. This resulted in creeks flooding and turning shallow, almost-dry limestone creekbeds surrounded by lush greenery into a utopia filled with enough running water to bring together a more diverse group of people than Obama; drunken tubers, scantily clad sorority girls, pot-smoking hippies, tanning teenagers, generally-homeless bums asking for beer, and an ever extending mish-mash of twenty somethings…all of which were looking for a great time to enjoy the sun and refreshing settings.

I was in Austin, Tx, visiting Alexi and Tim for “The Birthdays.” You see, Alexi’s birthday is July 13th, Tim’s is July 14th, and mine is July 15th. As fate would have it, we were brought together during college in 1999.

This year, Alexi and I had pretty much been drunk for about 4 days straight when I said:

You know, dude…We’re self-employed. We have a little bit of cash stashed away. And we’re waiting for my house to sell so we can move to LA. We should buy an 80s-style, high-top, conversion van and drive around the country. Maybe hit Canada, too.

Alexi disagreed. But he disagreed under the condition that he get to “sleep on it.”

As soon as he said that, an uncontrollable smile came across my face…I knew he was in.

How did I know that? Because that’s what he said when we came up with the brilliant idea of moving to LA for the hell of it.

And thus, our journey would begin.

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