The Entrepreneurs


One night a while back while my brother and I were tossing down some suds and BS’ing the usual BS, we came up with a plan for a little business called MunchEasy. What does MunchEasy do? Why, it makes online ordering so MunchEasier! Yeah, we’re clever.

In early 2007 I started toiling away coding the ordering system and testing it on my dear friend Beilei’s restaurant, Asia, and a few months later I had a prototype for my product. Fantastic! I gave my job the slip, and it was time to go solo. Or that was the plan. Due to an unexpected windfall in real estate, the majority of the past few months have been making up for three years of no Summer Vacation. But now I’m buckling down. I’m ready. I’m gonna sell this baby! MunchEasy’s hitting the road and we’re taking the US by storm!


I have a dream. Then I woke up and realized I was still in my dream. I don’t know what that means.

After semi-starting web businesses in high school, then throwing raves, I spent six years in the world of search engine marketing. After leading the growth of the largest search engine marketing agency team in the world, I worked with Andy Beal to start another search engine marketing company which was operating at a 25% profit margin with 22 employees after 9 months. I am now an independent consultant and starting several of my own businesses through the end of 2007. They include the following:

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