Boston, MA


We’ve got high-hopes for Boston, although we’re not too familiar with the surroundings there. Here’s what we’ve been able to come up with so far:

  • Sneak into classes at MIT and Harvard
    Alexi’s looking into the AI labs at MIT, Ben’s got his sights set at debating Harvard Business School professors.
  • Hit up Ivy League scale bars, optionally finding sugar-mama. (resource)
  • Host a Boston Tea Party.
  • Go to an Irish Pub. We don’t know of any, so recommendations are welcome. (resource)


We rolled in pretty late Thursday the 27th, so we Walmarted it up in a Framingham parking lot. We made plans for Friday to meet up with Jessica for lunch, but soon discovered that trying to park a 24″ RoadTrek 190 Popular in a major downtown area is a bad idea. Luckily fortune smiled upon us (after circling frantically for about 30 minutes,) and we found a parking garage with an 8′10″ clearance and exactly one spot left. Believe me when I say that it was a tight fit.

Too late for lunch, we said Hi to Jessica, made plans to meet up after she got off work, and then split ways for a few hours. I still wanted to go to the MIT campus and see what all the fuss was about, Ben decided to ride around the city on his fixed-gear bicycle -based torture device. After I walked 30 minutes to the campus I had about an hour, so I b-lined it to the Computer Science & Artificial Intelligence Lab. In a word, amazing! It’s like a playground for the smart people, doing the coolest stuff I can possibly imagine. I stumbled on a seminar about computer vision and quickly realized that my college Calculus wasn’t gonna help me make heads or tails of anything. Time to head back, anyway!

We met back up at Jessica’s sister’s place for a quick shower. We hit up a few bars and, unaware that there are two “10 Elliot Streets” in the city, got a great walking tour in the process. I believe the places were: Red Hat, Charlie’s Kitchen (the one we couldn’t find), and lastly the Milky Way Lounge. The last place had a decent MC & DJ duo, so we stuck it out until 2am dancing. On our way out a local Bostonian, also named Ben, saw our Honk to be on the Internet sign and correctly guessed that we’re cool peeps. We went to hit up a house party, but it was a little too late. If nothing else we got introduced for the first time as “a couple of bloggers” : )

Friday night we camped in a near by neighborhood. The only downside was the lack of any facilities in the morning, so we had to hoof it to a grocery store before any accidents were had. We still haven’t used the van toilet. It scares us.

Saturday we met up with Jessica, her other two sisters, and their husbands & children for lunch in Little Italy. Lasagna for me, Ben got some weird potato based pasta. After that we walked by the Holocaust Memorial and an open air market. I bought a bag of 10 apples in an attempt to keep the doctor away & take advantage of the great prices. I succeeded, paying $1.00.

The lon-lifecationers had to go take care of their various affairs, so we decided to check out the docks before we left. We spotted a number of boats that we thought would make nice homes. After an hour or two it was getting late, so we decided to hit the road and make it up to Maine for the night.

Boston turned out to be one of our favorite cities so far, for a variety of reasons. The fact that there are so many universities in the area keep a young feel to it, but there’s also a lot of history and maturity to the area. Despite its age, it’s been grown and maintained a lot more intelligently than some cities we’ve been to, making it quick & pleasurable to get from one side to the other. We’ve been pretty set on the idea of moving to LA after the road trip, but Boston might give it a run for its money.

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