The Itinerary

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When we decided to do this, we didn’t really know where we wanted to go. We just knew we wanted to go to all of the cool places. How many cool places are there? Just as we did, you’re about to find out.

We began by each making a list of every place that seemed interesting and/or that we knew we had to stop by - due to family or personal/emotional needs. (ie: the largest ball of twine) We then rated each of those locations on a scale from 1-10. Alexi, being the economics major, decided that the statistical mean and standard deviation were necessary to determine the final destinations. He was right.

Mathematics showed us that our customized journey should end up in the following places:

  1. NC, Durham (start - September 18th)
  2. DC, Washington
  3. MD, Baltimore
  4. PA, Philadelphia
  5. NJ, Middletown
  6. NY, New York City
  7. MA, Boston
  8. ME, Phippesberg
  9. VT, South Hero
  10. QC, Montreal, Canada
  11. NY, Glens Falls
  12. ON, Toronto, Canada
  13. MI, Detroit
  14. IL, Chicago
  15. MN, Minneapolis
  16. SD, Mount Rushmore
  17. WY, Yellowstone
  18. BC, Vancouver, Canada
  19. WA, Seattle
  20. CA, Highway US-1
  21. CA, San Francisco
  22. CA, San Diego
  23. CA, Los Angeles
  24. AZ, Grand Canyon
  25. NM, Roswell
  26. CO, Denver
  27. CO, Boulder
  28. TX, Dallas
  29. AR, Fayetteville
  30. TX, Austin
  31. LA, New Orleans
  32. FL, Miami
  33. FL, Stuart
  34. SC, Charleston
  35. NC, Durham (finish - December 18th)

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