The World’s Greatest Burrito

Anyone who knows me and my culinary preferences knows how much I love a good burrito.

Ben = Burrito lover. Burrito lover = Ben.

How can you not love a burrito? It’s a glorious configuration of nutrition (protein, carbs, and vegetables) and flavor (seasoned steak and hot sauce) all wrapped up in a neat, portable, shiny package. Anyone who argues against the deliciousness of a good burrito should check themselves into the looney bin. Now.

Those who are familiar with my burrito-love have also likely heard me declare the supremacy of a Texas chain called: Freebirds. Until this trip, I had only eaten at Qdoba, Chipotle, Moe’s and other miscellaneous Mexican restaurants with less of a focus on the burrito.

After this trip, I’ve eaten burritos at about a dozen cities throughout the continent. Aside from the uniquely fantastic burrito at “La Paz” in Los Angeles, my declaration of Freebirds having the world’s best burrito still stands.

To commemorate the verification of this declaration, I decided to celebrate.

I celebrated with what’s known as the “Super Monster.” Other than places like Golden Corral, it’s the epitome of gluttony: Two 14″ tortillas, end to end, in a massive 3+ pound structure and composition that’s larger than my face.

I prepared by eating 3 “Monster” burritos in 8 hours in Dallas, 3 days before. To shove this thing down your gullet requires sincere and dedicated preparation fit for the Olympics.

75% Done:

As symbolically as man’s landing on the moon, I finished it.

Popularity: 95% [?]

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Comment by Down Pillow
2008-04-07 21:11:07

Sounds awesome - but the guac @ Chipotle still rocks! Especially if you get a batch of way too salty chips - yum!

Comment by Duane
2007-12-09 19:33:15

Hilton Head Island, SC / Amigos / “Killer Burrito”

It’s not called “killer” for nothing.

It is the GREATEST burrito that I’ve ever had.

Well worth the trip.

Comment by Alexi
2007-12-10 18:55:06

Duane, will you ever cease to amaze us?! :-) This is right on our path, so we should be hitting it up in a little less than a week. I’m sure Ben will have a full report after he’s “stuffed it down his gullet.”

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