Austin, TX - I Love You

Right now, we’re driving up I-35 from Austin to Fayetteville, Arkansas. We’re listening to Christmas music, in our Santa hats, the Christmas lights are on, and my knit Christmas sweater is out in full effect. Sometimes, that effect is nauseating, but the clear skies and brisk temperature are reducing the sensation.

Austin has never been a bad time. Ever. And this trip continued the dynasty.

We stayed with our good friend Tim through the weekend, resulting in a trifecta of 20-something awesomeness brought into the world in a matter of 48 hours in July of 1981.

Friday night we met up with our friend Tray and headed straight for Chuy’s, the classic Mexican restaurant in Austin, stuffing our faces with deluxe tomatillo sauce, burritos and enchiladas. People who haven’t lived in Texas and other similar border-sharing states often have a difficult time grasping the fantastical deliciousness of great Mexican food. For them, I recommend a hearty filling of Chuy’s.

Next, we met up with some other friends, Daniel, Toddy and Sarah, and went to a bar called Creekside - a bar with reasonable drink prices, a decent jukebox, and walls adorned with oil-paintings inspired by leather and bondage fetishes…seating position and directionality was crucial to avoid staring at certain, awkward, visual arts.

We rounded out the night throwing it down and destroying the dance floor at Beauty Bar. The opening act was a band that played a bit too long for those of us with our dancing shoes and feet itching for a good time. Finally, the DJ came on and opened with Daft Punk’s Revolution 909 from their classic album, Homework, and our expectations of a nuclear war on the dance floor began to become self-fulfilling.

On this night, I decided to rock out with the disgustingly over-the-top Christmas cheer of Road Trip 2.0 and adorn myself in my $6 knit Goodwill Christmas sweater, complete with dog and un-looped threads accentuating the dog’s scarf, and my deluxe Santa hat from Walgreens. The kids seemed to appreciate it, as did the awesomely cute sociology major who suggested that I take swing classes instead of salsa or tango who I will likely and unfortunately never hear from again. (Mental Note: Another situation in which having a cell phone is a good thing.)

Then, it was back to Tim’s place for more Lone Star beer and passing out on the floor.

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Comment by Lauren
2007-12-06 18:47:50

I think you guys are currently reigning as my boyfriend’s new heroes. He really wants to sport a Christmas Sweater with as much awesomeness as you.

Comment by Ben
2007-12-07 09:19:58

We’ve had to look at a lot of thrift stores, so he’d better get cracking if he really wants to spread the Christmas cheer like a champ.

Comment by Cheri Wills
2007-12-05 08:40:56

Ben….so nice to see that your finally pulling your weight and that you can write! Keep it up! “L” sends her love and reminds you that she’s been a very good girl! xo

Comment by Ben
2007-12-07 09:20:13

I learned how to read and write last week. Aren’t you proud!

Comment by Andrea Lee
2007-12-04 08:30:15

Sounds like a GREAT time Ben!! Can’t wait to see you again! =) Stay safe! I’m glad that you and Alexi are back on the road!! I love reading your new pages first thing in the morning when I get to work!
Miss you!
PS. The Christmas sweater is AWESOME! =) Where can I get one for JJ! =)

Comment by Ben
2007-12-04 16:30:12

You can get one at Goodwill. Well, we went to several thrift stores and only found one good one, so you may have to try out a few…maybe make a day of it and whatnot.


Comment by Dr. Jones
2007-12-03 18:53:10

No mention of the burrito incident… afraid you might remind your intestines? Did that thing ever come out?

Comment by Ben
2007-12-04 16:29:27

That’s being saved for another post, coming soon.

Comment by Cosmo
2007-12-03 13:35:38

Arkansas? Watch out for the hillbillies, I heard it is deer hunting season. You will fit right in with that sweater though!

Comment by Ben
2007-12-04 16:28:55

Should we get orange Santa hats so we don’t get shot?


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