LA Breakdown

Van-damageWhen you hear anything even slightly out of the ordinary come from the engine of a 20 year old van, it elicits a special kind of fear. I think it’s rooted in how little we know about the magical machine that gets us from Point A to Point B, and how badly we can get screwed out of our money by those that can fix it. We got reminded of all this yesterday on the drive from San Francisco when the engine started to lose power and make a wonderful grinding noise. We pulled over and popped the hood open just in time to catch the last of the radiator fluid bubble over on to the highway.

Luckily I’ve had the honor of overheating my Eclipse back in college, so I had some idea how to proceed. We let things cool down and topped off the radiator with our drinking water and made it in to LA without further incident. Unless of course dropping $300 on a radiator check & break job counts as an incident.

Due to the problems, we decided to skip out on San Diego and hang out in LA until Monday. The idea is that we’ll be scoping out potential future digs for when Ben sells his house (which, by the way, if you want to buy, you can do so here.)

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Comment by Kosti Kostibas
2007-11-03 18:38:02

Sux dude. Does it seem like the van is going to make it to Tanxgivin?

Comment by Alexi
2007-11-03 21:42:49

Yeah, we’ll be fine, it’s just a matter of how much it’s going to cost us… Ben’s dad predicted $1000 before we’re done.

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