A Microsoft Omelet

The ChallengeWe got a late start today. For some reason we were feeling under the weather. Fortunately, there’s no better cure for party-sickness than breakfast food, and there’s no better source for breakfast food than Beth’s Cafe. They serve a 12-egg omelet there. From one excess to another, I guess! Ben having the self-proclaimed “champion attitude” decided he was gonna tackle it. I’ve never seen so many calories in one place. I couldn’t even finish my 6-egg omelet, but Ben got through at least 90%. Hey, he’s a champion!

We have potentialAfter that we headed up to Redmond to check out the Microsoft campus. They have a visitor center with a bunch of exhibits / installations. Fittingly, about 1/4 of all the exhibits weren’t functioning. Either way it was fun to be in a geek-Mecca. One of their cooler installations let you make a video & email it to all your friends. Having no dignity, this is what I made.

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Comment by Thomas
2007-11-16 16:32:55

all the way out here and no love to even say hi. Visiting my company no less :(

Comment by Alexi
2007-11-16 16:48:39

A friend of Ben’s? We could have definitely used an escort to keep the security guys off our backs!

Comment by Chris Moore
2007-11-13 17:30:19

Loved the video - good stuff.

And just for the record, I have defeated the super monster burrito from Freebird’s.

Comment by Jud
2007-10-30 12:16:45

It sounds just like the grossly large burger story from Oh’Mulligans Ben. You were at least 90% there and couldn’t close the deal. I don’t blame you though because the omelet looks like a heart attack waiting to happen.

Comment by Ben
2007-10-30 13:53:29

I wasn’t quite ready for the omelet. I think I could’ve done it were I in better physical condition. That burger, though - dang!

When I get to Austin, I’ll be attacking a “Super Monster Burrito” from Freebirds. I’ve tried at least a half-dozen times, but to no avail ;)


Comment by Kosti Kostibas
2007-10-28 15:46:30

Alexis, your video was crap. I hope you have better luck at the Apple facility. BTW, you need to go take a photo in front of Seattle Grace Hospital (the one where they film “Grey’s Anatomy”.

Comment by Alexi
2007-10-29 10:55:49

I’m hurt, I thought that was some of my better work! We’ll see what Apple has in store now that we’re near Silicone Valley. BTW, Seattle Grace is fictional.

Comment by Al
Comment by Alexi
2007-10-29 10:58:16

Hilarious :-)

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