This One’s for You, Jonathan

I got the chance to go on a weekend-long camping trip a few weeks ago with my brother, Jonathan. Along with many other things, one of the topics that often came up with a sense of vigor, paralleled only by fans of Nascar talking about Dale Earnhardt, was the glory that is: Hot Sauce. More specifically, Texas Pete.

Jonathan adds Texas Pete to everything…pizza, eggs, chicken, sandwiches, cereal, beer…you name it, and the Pete is right there on it.

I’ve often been perplexed by this behavior. While I find hot sauce to be a mystically delicious element essential to the Earth’s being, I never found it necessary to add to everything and certainly never envisioned caching a full bottle, or even half a bottle.

On this trip, like the essence of water, Texas Pete has become a thing of necessity. It doesn’t need cold storage and, as Alexi noted last night, it has the right balance of salt, pepper and vinegar to add a never-overpowering flavor to just about anything.

As we were finishing up our amazingly delicious burritos, made with left over cow’s arse, I noticed that the bottle of Texas Pete was almost gone…after only two weeks of making use of it.

At first I wanted to cry since we were almost out. In fact, I’ll even admit it…I shed a tear.

But then I realized the inherent cosmic glory that radiated from the situation - not unlike how a golden God beams its energy over the land of its people - and was, again, at peace.

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Comment by Chris Moore
2007-10-06 00:27:14

Just FYI - Texas Pete’s Hot Sauce is often available in miniature packages at Chick-Fil-A. I load a packet for each chicken sandwich I consume.

Comment by JLee
2007-10-04 08:32:29

Gentlemen -
As I was diligently working in my cube I stumbled upon a link that could help you gain your internet fame. Evidently msnbc (I know Ben is has a special place in his heart for the mass media, but…)is looking for the following:
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Just go HERE:

Figured you guys could send in some pics and share your story and BLAM! Famousness, all because of me and my incredible work ethic which pushes me to constantly deliver the best advertising information to largest company in America.


Comment by Ben
2007-10-05 12:07:32

That’s so freaking awesome - thanks for that! I hadn’t even seen that and I check MSN for my “general” news ;)

See you in a week or so! I’ll let you know as soon as dates are finalized :)


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