Day 1: Glad we got AAA

My first impression of the van was great: it drives like a hovercraft, and has (with a stretch of the imagination) something of a space capsule feel to the interior. It ran like a champ back from the airport, but when we tried to start it back up to make some errands yesterday it just made some clicking noises. We’ve been told that it’s likely an alternator / starter issue, so I had AAA come pick it up and take it to a local shop. We’re not off to a great start but I’m hoping once we clear this up we’ll have cleared out all bad luck for a while.

Van being towed


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Comment by Katie
2007-09-19 11:59:11

OH NO. That is no good. Sorry guys. Can you still sleep in it if it is at the shop??

Comment by Ben
2007-09-20 23:38:32

Lol - we had joked that our house was up on jacks.

Comment by John Crane
2007-09-19 10:00:53

Ever hear of “Murphy’s Law?” What a way to start a journey!

Comment by Kosti Kostibas
2007-09-18 21:09:31

Not that I’m happy about this news, but I think this trip will be defined as much by what goes wrong as what goes right. Those events are what make for good stories…I’d guess battery too BTW.

Comment by Alexi
2007-09-18 21:25:28

You’re probably right! I’m hoping that future problems will at least be more interesting even if they are as (or more) inconvenient :-)

Comment by Andy Beal
2007-09-18 18:06:40

Probably not the start you were hoping for.

Comment by Ben
2007-09-18 21:25:40

Better to happen at the beginning than in the middle of the Grand Canyon. ;)

Plus, it’s electrical and every mechanic that’s looked at it says it’s in top mechanical shape so we’re still hoping for trip void of other van issues.


Comment by Andrew Davidoff
2007-09-18 17:56:47

Sucks. Knowing very little about what’s wrong, my bet is on alternator if it sounded like your battery was dead, and starter if it kept clicking weirdly and not starting but seemed like you had plenty of juice.

Andrew Davidoff

Comment by Alexi
2007-09-18 20:04:36

That’s pretty much what the guys in the tow truck said. The shop didn’t have a chance to look at it much today, but hopefully they’ll get it operational sometime early tomorrow!

Comment by Dan
2007-09-18 13:11:50

hey… AAA will tow you 250 miles. Just call the tow truck and have them tow you for 250 miles. Then call another to take you another 250…repeat until the trip is done. Just think of all the cool tow truck drivers you’d meet along the way. They are always full of such wonderful and ribald stories.

Comment by Alexi
2007-09-18 20:07:40

Hahaha :-) We actually talked about that, but I think AAA has something in the small print that made us rule it out. You’re right though, the tow truck driver did make for riveting conversation.

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